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If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.

interoperable • compatible • connected • modular • collaborative ecoNetworks for Physical Internet, mPODs, handling interfaces, city-hubs and more, towards an interoperable Supply Chain Matrix


The SLP Alliance is a partnership of individual consultancy and solution providers, established to

  • provide SMART Interoperable Logistics Solutions
  • establish connectivity, synchro-modularity & interoperability across supply chain segments, logistics nodes and transport modes
  • realise Physical Internet (Pi – π)1
  • ensure a holistic dynamic collaborative approach to logistics efficiencies and ecological consciousness for all stakeholders towards achieving an interoperable Supply Chain Matrix (iSCM).

SLP Alliance is in process of registering as a legal entity.

In brief

SLP Alliance engages with supply chain actors and stakeholders in projects and advice on the potentials to adopt operational and technological advancements towards Physical Internet readiness, thus realising collaboration, interoperability, compatibility, connectivity, and modularity in their supply chains. We do so across sectors, geographies, logistics nodes and transport modes in Europe and globally, through:

  • promotion of collaboration through supply chain dialogue sessions
  • development and deployment of livinglabs (what works, what needs improvement, priorities, and long-term vision to adapt Physical Internet
  • design and engineering of interoperable, connected, and modular equipment (mPODs and handling interfaces)
  • integration of physical and digital connectedness across long-distance multimodal transportation solutions
  • linking up with a various mobility data spaces, facilitators, and connectors


Besides active project engagements, SLP Alliance also engages in the development of a number of ecoNetworks and is a member of the ALICE-etp. For interested supply chain actors to participate in our living labs and collaborative dialogue guidance, contact us for more information at JustAsk@SLP-Alliance.biz.

Our Core


Together we can do what none of us can do alone

SLP Alliance practices the principles of a TEAL organisation, whereby – amongst others – the teams collaborate, recognise, know, and understand the capabilities of the individual members within a flat organisation format.


  • : Seppo Narinen
  • :

Design & engineering of scalable µPods (micro) and innovative interface connector solutions (including robotisation and autonomous handling) for mounting and handling of mPODs, with specialisation in city and urban distribution environments, like at city/micro/mobile hubs, indoors, curbside, waste management and other in-city deliveries & pick-ups. Their solutions can also be applied at multimodal transfer hubs, airports, warehouses, factories, sorting centres, …). CONTAI’s interface connectors are used across transport modes and logistics nodes.

Contai holds numerous innovation and technology IPR’s and patents (US, EU, and globally). We are currently evaluating the potentials of using the Commons Registers to make open standards available for mPODs, interface connectors and other innovations to the larger markets for prototyping and mass-production.

CONTAI does not engage in manufacturing of the physical products, but assists interested parties in the development, prototyping and manufacturing to realise the Urban Physical Internet, including autonomous loaders on all types of OEM vehicles, robots and configure their digital connectivity.

CONTAI was celebrated with several awards, including 2 in the 'pre-start-up' series. CONTAI participated in the IPIC start-up competition and is an awarded member of ALICE-etp.


  • : Clinton Lui
  • :

Interoperability technology solutions across supply chain and transport modes between ports and first/last-mile distribution, realising track & trace capabilities, ecological sustainability in transport and physical internet.

  • Enhancing carbon visibility
  • Sustainability metrics solution, turning sustainability into action
  • Smart Physical Internet Tokenized Net-Zero Network (Asset-based tokenisation for open innovation network development)
  • Standardisation (PI-enabled smart green and modular POD solutions - mPODs), reshaping logistics distribution efficiently and sustainably
  • Digitalisation (blockchain-enabled traceability & carbon visibility tools between supply chain stakeholders)
  • Blockchain-based platform VUILA captures the journey of the products from manufacturers to receivers (be they organisations or natural persons).

MCG envisages an infrastructure network (hyper-connected logistics network) to bridge different blockchains across the supply chain stakeholders (E2E). Focusing on lower, protocol, or hardware level interoperability.

FixLog Consulting

  • : Jaco Voorspuy
  • :

Facilitating collaboration, enabled by global data standards and solutions.

  • Expert in data and other international standards, data modelling and business models (UN/CEFACT, ISO, GS1, UPU, CEN, ASTM, …)
  • Business process improvement, standardisation, and digitalisation of processes, across entire Supply Chain and Transport & Logistics networks
  • Improving alignment of activities across stakeholder groups using global data standards (GDS) and solutions based on GDS to massively enhance the flow of (real-time) information among the stakeholders.
  • Consultant/coach with background in livinglab development, Courier, Express & Postal and local City Portage Operators (CEP & CPO sectors), manufacturing, warehousing, all modes of transport, Lead Logistics Provider
  • Collaboration and synchronisation of the activities and processes substantially reduce costs and errors, improve customer experience, and significantly increase sustainability of operations

“Cargo does not move unless data moves”


  • : Joris Claeys
  • :

PortExpertise: maritime, port & mobility consultant
CLEANconnect: IDEATION and coCREATION of spaces and partnerships for passion- and purpose-driven flow-based regenerative innovation in the areas of mobility, renewables, water, tourism, creatives
mbrace: regenerative dynamics and econologics coaching

CLEANconnect shapes ecological innovative ideas with corporate intrapreneur teams, start-ups towards scale-ups, SME's, entrepreneurs and artpreneurs:

  • enabling collaborative communities achieving regenerative models in motion
  • connecting people, project resources, initiatives and markets in their flow
  • transforming ideas into climate-positive innovative business models

CLEANconnect-Mobility connects markets, supply chain actors and stakeholders through innovative approach and solutions to realise physical internet and ecological consciousness, with decentralised intelligent physical and digital standardised interconnectivity, innovative interoperable transport solutions, holistic dynamic logistics ecoNetworks, distributed network logistics, advancing towards an interoperable Supply Chain Matrix.



Dreams and teams work together

Enabling “liveable cities” and “cities as logistics hubs” Realising Physical Internet and Ecological Consciousness

SLP Alliance is developing a number of ecoNetworks (collaborative platforms and marketplaces) across a variety of disciplines:

  • Equipment Sharing and Maintenance: platform and marketplace for trikes and trailers, mPODs, handling interfaces, autonomous control towers, equipment robotisation and fleet management, further expansion with equipment manufacturing + regenerative materials sourcing and end-of-life circular materials recovery and more (prototyping to mass production)
  • IoT, Sensors & Telematics: selected and certified providers for best-fit solutions for physical connectivity and interoperability and connectedness of mPODs, vehicles and routing + other measurement requirements such as track & tracing, refrigeration, geo-location, solar power dependency, …
  • Data Standardisation and Sharing References: data modelling (entities and characteristics), connectors, authorised trusted semantic data sharing, data spaces, mandatory data sharing, … in collaboration with amongst others global data standards organisations (UN/CEFACT, GS1, ISO, etc) and other organisations such as Open Logistics Foundation (OLF) to leverage results from large-scale EU projects and programmes like FEDeRATED, FENIX, eFTI, and others.
  • Data Connectivity: leveraging QR-codes, Linked Data, RFID, IoT, GS1 (e.g., Identification Keys and EPCIS preferences as they are ISO standards), as well as other organisations and solutions, such as UN/CEFACT, (eu)MDS, GAIA-X, DCSA, GEFEG, …
  • Logistics Solutions, Platforms and Systems: selected and certified solution providers, active in or applicable to realise Pi, technologies such as: Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain (distributed ledgers), … and functional systems such as: Freight Management Platforms, TMS, WMS, in-city & urban distribution, …
  • 5PL Service Providers: Distributed Network Logistics Platforms and service providers (next step from 3/4PL’s), facilitating a path towards interoperable Supply Chain Matrix (iSCM)
  • Supply Chain & Transport ecoFootprint Compliance and Reporting: various solutions for best fit compliance reporting, amongst which from Smart Freight Center, WorldFavor, …
  • CityHub ecoNetwork: common approaches and solutions for independent City / Micro / Mobile hubs, collaborating in best-practices and urban planning and infrastructure requirements with local and national authorities
  • Further expansion in ecoNetworks in observation for future needs across EU, Europe and globally. These contribute faster towards an interoperable Supply Chain Matrix (iSCM).

our skills

Solutions & Services

Limits rarely concern every mind in a team at once

SLP Alliance commits towards a multi-phased approach, facilitating dialogue, collaboration, participation & fit-for-purpose solutions

Independent City Hubs

An essential part to align in-city and urban distribution with hinterland and international transport flows, is the establishment of locally organised independent City Hubs (neutral, independent from single transport operators – LSP’s, CEP & COP operators). City Hubs facilitate & coordinate distributed collaborative ecoSystems within densely populated city and urban areas. Combined across cities and national borders, they form an important ecoNetwork, through which they can standardise a number of operations and procedures, allowing larger shippers and LSP’s to operate in similar ways with same procedures across different cities. They have the following roles to ensure an efficient and smooth operations for e-commerce, retail, pharmaceuticals, hotels, restaurants, campuses, waste management, … as well as in-city deliveries of larger and heavy construction materials for the construction & renovation industry

  • collaborating with city and/or region Urban Planning and policy makers at local and regional government authorities, such as on infrastructure requirements & improvements (main & micro hubs + street & route facilities, mobile hubs, parking areas, …),
  • promoting the dialogue for organised and collaborative in-city & urban distribution by a diversity of CEP & CPO sectors
  • realise Cities as Logistics Hubs for F/L-M and in-city distribution (deliveries, pick-ups and returns, reverse logistics, storage, and collaboration with CEP & CPO sectors)
  • enable continuous growth of healthy e-commerce and in-city distribution of RMR & FGI , waste management and other services
  • ensure efficient flows of goods and sourcing in and out of cities, from/to Long-Distance Multimodal Cross-border hinterland transportation for regional and international destinations & origins (sourcing) via DC’s, ports, and maritime transportation

The establishment of well-functioning city hubs, facilitate ecological awareness (e-commerce, delivery services and consumers), as well as operational efficiencies with important social, environmental, and economic impact across supply chain segments and transport modes for all actors and stakeholders.

  • Physical internet (Pi – π): realising the physical & digital flow of goods moving in the supply chains, allowing for interoperability efficiencies & optimisation of goods in the operational flow
  • Ecological Consciousness: physical & digital connectivity and services enable shippers, LSP’s (Logistic Service Providers), city hubs, receivers and any other supply chain actor and governmental authorities to calculate and positively influence and control the environmental footprint for any given operator and shipment / package between any legs in the supply chain segments.

SLP Alliance enables distributed collaborative ecoNetworks between shippers, LSP’s, City Hubs, City Hall, CEP & CPO service providers, enabling continuous growth and healthy e-commerce with in-city and urban distribution. This ensures efficient flows of goods and sourcing in and out of cities from/to hinterland and maritime transportation for regional & international destinations and origins.

The SLP Alliance commits to leverage results and products from the Open Logistics Foundation and EU federative platforms to:

  • realise decentralised intelligent physical and digital standardised interconnectivity
  • facilitate Open Distributed Technology with open API’s & FENIX Connectors based on EU Mobility Data Space , approved upon standards for data -elements & -models, and the semantic approach for trusted authorised data sharing by FEDeRATED , as well as proceedings set forth by EMSWe , eFTI4EU and future data sharing acts by the EU Commission
  • leverage and contribute to products from global standard organisations, such as UNECE UN/CEFACT , GS1 , ISO, UPU, ASTM, CEN and GEFEG fx24 .
    Several SLP Alliance members participate in and/or represent one or more of these organisations and initiatives.


Current Projects

Teams build what can weather storms



Brussels, Helsinki/Espoo + partners across Europe

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  • Door portals plan
  • Furniture specifications
  • Interior design

WiP Projects


in Norway, Finland, and other countries

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Engage in matchmaking platforms


"such as ALICE-etp, ENTRANCE and others in progress

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  • Door portals plan
  • Furniture specifications
  • Interior design

Our approach focuses primarily on PI-readiness

  • ensuring optimal interoperability for handling both data and physical objects
  • identifying current levels of collaboration between supply chain actors and stakeholders
  • upfront shortcomings and set essentials to improve efficiencies along each supply chain

Afterwards, individual companies or combined several actors in a supply chain may decide to build up their capabilities in adapting to the various components of the ALICE-etp PI-Roadmap. This would result in realising operational PI strategy when essential elements are well underway and readily available, moving towards an interoperable Supply Chain Matrix (iSCM). Various companies may practice different speed of deployment compared to others, based on different capabilities and key performance indicators. SLP Alliance initiates new projects (with EU and/or national funding, combined with financing), and also participates in existing and new project consortia for Horizon Europe and other program calls. Our main focus is on innovation action and deployment, while also undertaking R&D+i in equipment prototyping and development, livinglabs for dedicated supply chains and other applied innovation or proven science ready for market exploitation. Work in Progress through Matchmaking platforms of ALICE-etp, ENTRANCE, EIC and others. SLP Alliance team also participates in various Thematic Groups established by ALICE-etp:

  • Corridors, Hubs, and synchro-modality
  • Systems and Technology for Interconnected Logistics
  • Global Supply Network coordination and collaboration Urban Logistics

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We are dedicated to helping companies successfully with their logistic challenges. Our approach is intelligent, collaborative, and designed to make the process enjoyable and rewarding.

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